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Italian Linguist - Must be ICE Cleared

Must be ICE Cleared

Must be willing to take language proficiency test, in Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Global Language Center, Inc is currently seeking employees who are passionate about serving and making a difference in lives of others.

The role – Linguist work is impactful and critical to the safety and security of our nation with the primary four responsibilities being:

Summarization • Transcribing • Translating • Safeguarding

    • Summarize Content - Listen to or read target language communications, and provide immediate verbal summaries to law enforcement personnel, followed by a typed, concise, and accurate synopsis of the oral and/or written communication in the government-provided computer system,
    • Transcribe - Review source documents and audio/video material from storage media, including but limited to audio cassettes, videocassettes, or digital media and produce a written (typed) verbatim document of the words spoken on the source recording or contained in the written media following the required format
    • Translate - With a superb degree of accuracy and expression a wide variety of complex material from the target language into Standard American English; transcriptions/translations must be court-ready.
    • Monitor & Safeguard Information - Work to a professional code of ethics with confidentiality and neutrality to objectively evaluate information and make sound judgments on changing situations

Physical Demands - To perform the essential functions of the linguist job, qualified candidates must be able to perform the following: reaching, grasping, hearing/listening, seeing/observing, and repetitive motions.  Position does require the ability to read written documentation from a computer screen throughout the workday.

The work environment - Is performed 100% onsite inside a secured, windowless Government Facility The position requires prolonged periods of sitting at a designated workstation monitoring computer screens and entering data.

Work Schedule - the nature of the position can require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year (inclusive of weekends and holidays) operation to support time-sensitive services or real-time law enforcement operations

    • Typically, the position demands three (3) shifts per twenty-four-hour period. Work shifts are not guaranteed and subject to change; therefore, a flexible working schedule is required when assigned to a project
    • A complete 8-hour shift and ability to work a minimum of 32 consecutive hours a week which could include weekends
    • Due to the importance of the position, employees supporting this contract are considered ESSENTIAL to the Federal Government.  This means that linguists are required to work during emergency situations, including inclement weather, natural and man-made disasters, etc.

The Federal Government and Global Language Center, Inc. does its best to provide consistent work, though it’s critical all candidates realize that work is not guaranteed 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. Linguist projects are based on the needs of the Federal Government; therefore, the work is cyclical, part-time and on a as needed basis

The Results of your work – will be used as a first-level analysis of information to support the mission of Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement partners.

The prerequisites you are required to have:

    • Ability to easily listen carefully to verbal communication and transcribe and translate that information into clear written error- free communication
    • Must have knowledge of source language colloquial terms and expressions
    • Aptitude to work cross functionally with GLC Management and Law Enforcement Agencies to deliver the highest quality of work under extreme pressure and in a fast-paced environment
    • Proven experience and high level of comfortability operating technology and learning new software applications quickly
    • Proficiency in operating and maneuvering computers, laptop, smart phones and with knowledgeable use of Social media, web chat, and source language colloquial terms and expressions
    • Familiar with SMS language (text message abbreviations) and single character glyphs (emoji’s) or in slang commonly used with mobile phone text messaging
    • Must type 45 words per minute
    • Native or near-native oral and written communication skills.
    • Organized, works with a sense of urgency and is a deadline-driven self-starter; capable of juggling multiple priorities at once and executing each to completion despite obstacles and be able to work in a team environment
    • Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate foreign language OR
    • High School Diploma and four (4) years combined work and educational experience in translating, interpreting, or other work requiring the use of English and another language
    • Candidates that do not meet the minimum qualifications will not be considered

Condition of employment you will: 

Undergo a Government background investigation to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Security Requirements:

    • U.S. Citizenship
    • No History of Drug Abuse
    • Favorable credit check
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Base Salary
$35 Per hour
Date posted
November 10, 2020
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Position: Italian Linguist - Must be ICE Cleared

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