About Us

Global Language Centers (GLC) is a Woman Owned small business providing a wide array of professional language services to the US Government and commercial clients worldwide. Founded in 1996 by Eugenia Nesterenko, GLC has grown as a result of our superb performance, care of employees, and in-depth language expertise. We offer a number of language services customized to your organizational or individual needs covering over 60 different languages and dialects. Our services include: translation, interpretation, transcription, cultural awareness training, foreign language education, project management and other professional support services. GLC has provided foreign language support services to the Department of Justice, Department of Defense and the State Department among others.

GLC provides Linguist support under the World Protective Service II contract to State Department employees, their household members, U.S. and foreign government dignitaries, diplomats, officials, employees, and other individuals in the U.S. and overseas. GLC supports our partner by providing interpreters and translators to facilitate verbal and/or written communications between non-English- and English-speaking individuals. GLC also provides language support during service forums such as meetings, briefings, training, and/or operational support.

GLC has worked with ENSE Group, one of our oldest commercial clients, for almost twenty years providing technical and non-technical translations for their Immigration Control System.

GLC has been working with the State Department for the last seven years in foreign language education and training. We have over 240 instructors, curriculum developers, testers, distance learning mentors, and/or management and support staff.

Contact Info

1800 North Oak Street Suite 1802
Arlington, VA 22209

Office Info: (202) 215-9099

Virginia Location: (703) 303-4030